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WA iSports Membership Application


Welcome to WA iSports Incorporated. Our vision is to create a welcoming community that embraces, celebrates and values diversity. We do this by providing opportunities for people to participate in inclusive and accessible sporting activities, events, life-skills and wellbeing programs.

While WA iSports encourages the participation of all members of the community, the programs and activities have been specifically developed to meet the needs of individuals with Intellectual Disability and for those who are on the Autism Spectrum.

A few points to consider before joining as a member of WA iSports:

  • Although we strive to cater for all individuals, we may not have the capacity to meet the needs of some people.

  • To ensure the safety and wellbeing of all athletes is ensured WA iSports may require direct support be provided by a parent, family member or Disability Service Organisation (DSO) for an individual or group of individuals. This may include on court/ground support.

  • For safety and reasons, WA iSports does not provide transport for children under the age of 16 unless a parent/guardian is a WA iSports volunteer and is travelling as part of their volunteer duties or if there is space in the vehicle for both the child and their support to travel.

  • The provision of transport to activities and events is not guaranteed. Even if the club is organising transport the committee may, for safety and wellbeing reasons, require an individual or group to travel independently of the group.

  • Travelling athletes over the age of 18 may be required to undertake a national police clearance. 

  • There is a minimum standard of behaviour that all members are required to adhere to (this is detailed in the Club's code of conduct).


Please make contact with the Club should you have questions regarding these requirements.


WA iSports collects personal information (including sensitive and health information) for the purpose of providing individualized sporting, well-being and lifestyle programs, and other social and community activities to our members

  • If information is required for purposes other than those for which it was collected, agreement will be sought beforehand.  Information will only be accessed by Coaches, Coordinators and Committee Members. Upon occasion it may be provided to other volunteers, for example assistant coaches.

  • Sometimes we may need to discuss matters about your participation in WA iSports activities with other individuals or organisations, for example your disability service provider or support worker. This will only occur if there is a direct need for example if we are concerned about your wellbeing.

  • Information is securely stored in our share drive and when it is no longer needed it will be destroyed.  The legislation we operate under requires us to maintain a register of members, this includes the members name and a contact address (this may be an email address). The Associations Incorporation Act 2015 is the law in Western Australia which enables a member to access the members’ register mentioned above. The members’ register contains only names and addresses and no other information.

  • The Australian Privacy Principles states that an organisation must not disclose personal information about a person unless the disclosure is required or authorised under law.

  • WA iSports has put in place measures to ensure access to this information is only given if there is a valid information for requiring it and permission is sought if it is information other than a name and address.


Should it be deemed necessary for Saint John's to attend an emergency, the volunteer or member who requires medical care will be liable for the cost of the service.


WA iSports has a club uniform.  All club members are strongly encouraged to wear this uniform when participating in WA iSports activists and events. One polo will be supplied to all members (at commencement of their membership). Additional polos can be purchased through the membership office.



This membership is suited to individuals who like to participate in one or more club activities on a regular basis. Membership includes:

  • Access to all Club sporting programs & activities.

  • Access the club house, generally this will be during scheduled opening hours.

  • An invitation to attend all social functions.

  • Access to Club competitions when scheduled.

  • Full voting rights at the AGM and Special Meetings for members over the age of 15.


This is a less expensive membership and is suited to individuals who wish to attend WA iSports social activities and events but who do not wish to participate in weekly programs. Membership includes:

  • Invitation to social and community activities.

  • This type of membership does not include the right to vote at the AGM or Special meetings.

Athlete Basic Details Form

If you are completing this form for another person, please answer the questions as if you are the applicant. For example, you may be a Support Worker so when asked for your name you would provide the name of the person you are supporting rather than your own name. If you are an athlete completing this form, you provide your own details.

WA iSports use CareMonkey to manage membership information. Once you click submit you will be invited to complete a CareMonkey athlete profile, where we need information about you to keep you safe while you are participating in our activities. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon to finish the sign up process

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