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Our vision is to create a welcoming community that embraces, celebrates and values diversity. We do this by providing opportunities for people to participate in inclusive and accessible sporting activities, events, life-skills and wellbeing programs.

While WA iSports encourages the participation of all members of the community, the programs and activities have been specifically developed to meet the needs of individuals with Intellectual Disability and for those who are on the Autism Spectrum. Membership is open to Age 7+.

There are currently two membership types available:


Full athlete membership

This membership is suited to individuals who like to participate in one or more club activities on a regular basis. Membership includes:

●    Access to all Club sporting programs & activities.
●    Access the club house, generally this will be during scheduled opening hours.
●    An invitation to attend all social functions.
●    Access to Club competitions when scheduled.
●    Full voting rights at the AGM and Special Meetings for members over the age of 15.

Cost is $60.00

Social membership

This is a less expensive membership and is suited to individuals who wish to attend WA iSports social activities and events but who do not wish to participate in weekly programs. Membership includes:

●    Invitation to social and community activities.
●    This type of membership does not include the right to vote at the AGM or Special meetings.

Cost is $30.00

WA iSports Uniform

WA iSports uniform for all members is:

  • Polo shirt and either black shorts or black track pants, fully enclosed appropriate footwear for sporting activities.

  • All members are required to wear the WA iSports uniform to all sports and activities that they attend.

  • For outdoor sports, all members are required to wear a hat and apply sunscreen.

  • Members are to bring a water bottle to all sports.

  • Members can purchase an additional polo uniform through the Membership Officer at full purchase price. 2019 purchase price is $30.00. Enquiries can be made by emailing

  • Purchases can be made for WA iSport jackets through the Membership Officer at full purchase price. 2019 purchase price is $50.00. The club will offer members the opportunity to purchase a jacket when orders are placed in April/May each year. Enquiries can be made by emailing

Kidsport funding

  • Any eligible member up to the age of 18 can apply for Kidsport funding to cover the cost of the membership fee.

  • The member must complete the Kidsport funding application through their local government shire.

  • Information containing to Kidsport can be found be emailing

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